About us

First and foremost, DREAM Family is a team of like-minded people united by common values: decency, openness and ambitiousness. No matter what we do, we always strive to be honest with our guests, partners, and employees and offer high-quality service. And we are always open to the world, believing in the so-called “open window” principle, which says that it always flies more in than out. Our ambitions make us move forward, aiming higher and higher.

July 2009

We invested all our savings (about $3,000!) and launched our first project – daily rent website at 4erdak.com.ua – in 4 months.

September 2010

Our competitor’s hostile actions forced us to change the name and register doba.ua as a trademark.

January 2011

We opened our first hostel, a small one housing 24 guests, in an apartment on V. Vasylkivska Street in Kyiv. Our lifelong dream came true, which gave it the name: DREAM Hostel.

April 2012

Our big hostel on the Andriyivskyy Descent was opened as soon as next year, which laid the foundation for the future chain.

November 2012

Druzi Café on the Andriyivskyy Descent started taking in guests daily.

January 2014

The Kyiv hostel hits the top ten of the world’s best big hostels in Hostelworld.com rating; it gave us enough energy and strength to make plans for conquering Europe.

April 2015

The second Druzi Café in Kyiv was opened on Prorizna Street.

June 2015

Our first franchise hostel was opened in Kharkiv, soon to be joined by those in Odessa, Zaporizhzhia, Rakhiv, and Poltava.

May 2016

The opening of DREAM Hostel Warsaw, the first hostel outside Ukraine.

July 2017

A hostel and another Druzi Café were opened under the same roof on 5 Krakivska Street in Lviv.

August 2017

The opening of DREAM Hostel Bratislava, the second hostel outside Ukraine.

December 2018

Dream House Hostel Kyiv – the best hostel in Kyiv according to Kyiv Tourism Awards. Our hostels meet the quality and standards of hotels, but it also transmits the friendly atmosphere of hostels.

December 2018

As the management company launched the public restaurant “Urban Space 500”. The founders are 500 socially active people who have united around the idea of the qualitative development of urban space. 80% of the restaurant’s profits go to the implementation of Kyiv development projects.

January 2019

Dream Hostel Lviv is the best hostel in Ukraine according to Hostelworld

February 2019

The opening of DREAM Hostel Prague, the third hostel outside Ukraine.